This is the man photographed with this baby on many of his web sites to attract sympathy and compassion after been unmasked by himself first in search of cyber fame in an effort to boost his porn business on the internet. Instead, he put on his back all his friends and the Rotary International where he was the president of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan-Cebu Philippines and was kicked out smoothly under the motive of none attendance. See RI record below.


Even worst, he put on his ass this Former Rotarian Evan Iliadis, yes, this "Evil" Evan, the one that is typing these lines today, the one who knew better the level of cruelty of this pimp, who spread his blogs and his statements made on the forums all over the net where we can read about killings, at least 4 people were named by him conspiring to kill him, drugs, prostitution, warrants of arrests, courts, pedophilia and of course the Rotary that was using as a reference making him a citizen in good standing in the society.

I, Evan Iliadis, have several blogs dedicated to this criminal trying to get him off the streets of the Philippines, but apparently he still enjoys the protection from some Rotarians that -trust me- if i was living in the Philippines I'll know how to bypass this protection and jail him. This thing can't be done from distance. No worries supporters, time gets closer.

So after the mess he put himself in and before be arrested for several penal code violations including child support for two out of wedlock children that he was sued plus his 4 legitimate children and his wife suing him in Australia for child support he has no choice but leave the Philippines and go to Thailand. Here is an example why he left:

For some reason,Chris Bennetts is not giving up on the Rotary, for some reason he mourns his lost membership and consider himself a victim because of his membership in the organization. He claims that I targeted him because he was a Rotarian, that otherwise I wont be interested on him, he spread lies all over that I had nothing else to do in my life than chasing low life Rotarians! Wrong... He's the one involved the Rotary in his private life and trouble with the law by first highjacking the web site of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan (RCCM) that is no longer a member but he continue to use it as his instrument to justify his actions. Please, take a look scroll the window down and see " CHRISTOPHER BENNETTS-MY RESIGNATION FROM THE ROTARY - translate eviction from the Rotary - .Needles to say that everything he writes there, is without the approval of the RCCM, they are all pissed off with him.

It looks like it wasn't enough for Chris Bennetts to send the message out to quash the accusations of this Evan, the campaign did not produce the expected results, he now is involving the Rotary International and the Philippines Rotary in his crusade to prevail. And that's why I am here today,

Folks, if you don't see an automated page open next to the one you are reading now, please click here to see a web site that reassemble to a legitimate Rotary International web site about the Rotary in the Philippines. It is not. Is just a carbon copy of a web site under the title of Chris Bennetts setup supposedly it is a Philippines Districts and clubs directory as a bait to direct you to various sites he setup to discredit me for unmasking his porn web sites and other criminal activities he's involved in the Philippines. In this copy, I disabled some of the links and replaced with stories about this criminal, who thought that being a Rotarian will be able to break the law and go unpunished.

Best Regards


Evan Iliadis

Former member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Bohol Philippines


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