Message to residents.

Message to my residents of the wall of shame.

Lately, while on vacations, a few pseudo-hackers have been able to shutdown your lovely wall of fame. Probably jealous for all the benefits you enjoy being a resident here, something they were dreaming of but their application was denied time and again by this author.

No worries friends!! Biogs are like the Lernaean_Hydra, It had many heads and every time someone would cut off one of them, two more heads would grow out of the stump. Same here. For every page they have been able to kill two more of the same will be erected on compensation of the lost fame. I promise.

Sorry for the disruption, glorious days lies ahead, be patient, everything will be restored to a higher level than before, you’ll gain your fame and glory you always enjoyed in the sexpat community.

Sincerely yours

Evan Iliadis your biographer.

looking for Paul Petrea

A thread about an American fugitive 
living in Cebu Philippines named Paul Petrea.
Read more. EVANILIADIS-INFO - Guenther Vomberg Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.

Cyber Bullying – Stalking Peddlers United.Christopher
Bennetts is back to the Philippines. Matt Wilkie may join him in November. Once a third world sexpat you can't live in the first world. Inapt, worthless, all you're good for is the a low class lifestyle. Read more

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam. Thousands have seen the picture below taken from his Facebook in public view, therefore making it available to anyone for using it under the "fair use" policy.

Guenther Vomberg Balamban Cebu Philippines - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Guenther Vomberg-Balamban Cebu Philippines

To the government entities of the Republic of the Philippines, the local governments of Cebu province-Philippines; Civic, Charity and Fraternal organizations in the Philippines and around the world, investors and expats living in the Philippines or planning to relocate there, please, pay attention. Read more











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Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea? The answer is: where the lowlife lives! From one first world's exiled scumbags "paradise" to another. Now is Cambodia. Not many admirers there though..

Guenther Vomberg Info

 It is known to everyone familiar with the Philippines how expats living there are so unique and distinctive compared to others in the SE Asia, like Cambodia Thailand and Vietnam in recent years. Read More

The truth about Matt Wilkie philippines

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blogs

Friend, if you are related to Matt Wilkie former resident of the Philippines, now exiled to Worcester UK, then the government let him understand he's undesirable and has to go. Read more

Drew Shobbrook aka Bender

Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long. - Sexpats Wall of Shame

From the favorite Drew’s forum.
“When in Cebu please call any Cebu prison or police station, ask for details to be able to visit Drew Shobbrook. If he is not in the station you called they will be able to tell you where he is.