Sexpats wall of shame typical sexpats in the Philippines


Sexpats wall of shame typical sexpats in the Philippines

Philippines Sexpats Wall of shame

Beautiful Filipina you deserve better than those old farts. you don't have to wear a mask or get drunk first before you go to bed with them. Just because they have a few extra dollars.. He had a limp wrested dick? Was extremely Hairy? 80+ years Old? Had no teeth? Growth Warts all over his body? Paper flappy Thin Skin? Boring and falls asleep half the time? Slow Minded with Dementia? Has kids OLDER than you? You are the MOTHER to a 40-50 year old kids and you are 18? When there are Hundreds of Thousands of YOUNG SEXY HOT GUYS all over the world to choose from?

And this, is one of the innocent, compare to a large data base of foreigners' slanders I have in file saved over the years. There is worst. In Cagayan De Oro where a small group of sexpats that includes a few criminals and former Pattaya residents are going as far as exposing their wives and girl friends like this: Click to see what I mean:

I have traveled to many foreign countries including the PH and I will say that in most of the lower cost counties the Ugly America/Foreigner abounds. The bottom line is that if after 30-40 years of working you managed to only be able to retire in a 3rd world country you are at the very least a poor money manager.

With a constant supply of women hitting on them a sense of economic and in most cases educational failure and past relationship failures and you get a person with a severe sense of failure. Their super ego takes over and you either have a man mad at the world for being so unjust or compensating by acting arrogant.

Don't be mad feel compassion for them. I'm sure the majority who will be reading this are the exact same ones I'm talking about also if you're an exception then ignore what I'm saying! Way back in the early 60's I had the good fortune of being stationed with the Navy here for a couple of years they were undoubtedly the best years of service in my book!

While here the locals had a saying they used on many of the sailors and marines they were known as "UGLY AMERICANS" this was due to the fact that the ones they used this on were just that they had the habit of thinking they were just like a Post Toasties box, just a little bit better than the actual people of the area!

You know what I mean I'm sure you have more money your smarter and just an all around better person than the poor slobs you have to deal with when out in their country. But then most of you already think that way now don't you???

I don't live in Cebu thank god but from time to time I do go there and vacation. I generally make these trips few and far between since if I wanted a big city I'd of stayed in the States.

The one thing that really stands out when I make these trips is just how arrogant the foreigners who seem to call the place their home are I would say that perhaps 95% of those who live there are just that "UGLY AMERICANS" whom think so highly of themselves that when spoken to or nodded at as a jester of Hello will turn away and never acknowledge that they ever even saw you muck less return the jester!

Could it be that the ugly syndrome has gone so far as to include everyone I think so! Of course most of the ones I had contact with were the "Mall Rats" you all know the type age range between 65 and 70 whatever sitting at the coffee shop hoping to latch on to some little teeny bopper that will listen to his lies on how rich and famous he is so that he can take her somewhere and molest her! I have been here for just right at 5 years during which time I've made maybe 10 trips to Cebu all left me with this same feeling each and every time that I came back from the place.

I on one trip had the misfortune of walking past one Fine Up Standing Gentleman who had the nerve to tell me as I walked by FUCKING MARINE lucky me huh guess that's his way of saying Hello? These are the people whom I would contact and ask questions to on what to expect upon arrival to Cebu sure thing!

So guess what the point is that I trying to get across is why are there so many jerks in one little city can't you guys spread yourselves out so I can see you in other places to then I wouldn't feel so bad if every where that I went I came across the likes of you! Unfortunately most of the places I travel if I say Hello I get a greeting back which to me is a good thing! By the way you don't need to be from America to be grouped in to the "UGLY AMERICAN Syndrome" you guys come from all over the world same attitude just a different accent.

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