Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

Also known as Norseman or USMC retired. No one knows who the guy really is. For sure a sexpat that flock together with his pairs in Cebu Philippines. The picture you see below is photoshoped to mask his real age in hope to dilute his status, that is a sexpat in full definition of the term. The fact that he's married to the girl you see him with does not change any thing. The guy is in his 50's the girl in her 20's. He's far for looking as he does on this picture.
Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

He's bald, gray almost white hair, no picture on the net other than the ones you see on this blog. Anything wrong with that? Not really. Nothing wrong with a man wanting to look younger passed a certain age.

The problem here, is Tim Potter does it within an agenda consisting of mitigating his sexpat status, and also for the
purpose of image building in the expat community to sell some crooked busines in the living inCebu Forum owned by Paul Petrea.

A topic started by him (Tim Potter) on the Living in Cebu forum prompted us to renew our interest on him. In effect he started a thread questioning the motivations of the expats for moving in Cebu Philippines by giving an answer before even anyone else do: For him, in accordance with the US ambassador in Manila statement, 40% of the those visiting the Philippines are sextourists.Here is his opening post of the thread:


Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

Whitch bring us to exclaim: Look who the hell is talking! He did not explain why HE came care, but somebody else did it for him, a member of this forum.

Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

Me, Evan Iliadis says, he's a liar the worst kind of sexpat, making anyone beleive he's a family man. The 2 kids that folowed his mariage aren't the "fruits of their love" is just a strategic move of any sexpat in the Philippnes for better control of the young wife to make her more dependant on him, he knows the high school sweet heart isn' living far away from there.

He knows when she will be up in the zenith of sexual appetite his budget won't be enough to buy big quantities of viagra to keep going. He recently got another baby in his passed 50's without any consideration any thought that he will never be able to assist this kid, even less the first one, when both will most need him, in their adolesence. He almost lost wife and child days before giving birth uncapable to pay a third world hospital bill, far less than this of a similar on the first world.

He claims now that he came in Cebu to work as a teacher? Tim Potter a teacher? Gime a break!... He hasn't been able to secure an auto mechanics certification!.. Once he said he was in Irak, now he says in the Middle East, he caught in the forum lying about his military service in the Marines, not a single proof he was one, no one really knows where he's coming from. We will find out. No rush. As every one knows, in Evan's blogs the weel runs slow but it runs...All the time...
Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas
The guy who put him in place (Screen shot above) isn't the only one. Tim Potter, like Guenther Vomberg, aren't the most appreciated elements on this board. He's arrogant, rude,in total denial of his real situation, yet, he comes up with a thread pointing to others' life of denial!.. Or may be is his way to show Sugarland TX he's different than the others? Because Tim is preparing his retun to the US but reality is he doesn't.

Tim knows he's one of those worthless US citizens blaming Obama and Maxicans for his failures, having not a dollar in savings he knows America is not an option for him and his family. Not only this, assuming he made it to a US port of entry, it will be impossible to get rid of the sexpat label he will be reminded of each time he walks the streets or enters in a restaurant, when instantly the regards of passing by and patrons will be all his.

Ask headshot ...You don't see ole farts with chicks and small kids every day and in every corner in the US. Allways keep your hat on ! Tim Potter knows that, but probably under presuure of his wife to get out of this country he agrees but he plays the delay game, one excuse at the time...Today is the NSO tommorow the US embassy and so one... Finally, I'm sure Tim Potter has read that before and knows he perfectly fits in:

"Once a Sexpat has fully ingratiated himself within the Sexpat community, there is abolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world. The underlying shame and guilt for the extent of his insalubrious indulgences can only be managed so long as he maintains his current lifestyle and continues to live a life of deluded bliss. The real world will simply not accept someone so lacking in basic moral standards, personal hygiene and self-respect – plus his mate Dave will probably call him a poof".

November 29th 2012 update

Yesterday, I told you that Tim Potter was lying on the reasons he came to the Philippines. Those closer to him have confirmed that he's lying. Read it yourself.

Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

I also have news for you from Guenther Vomberg the sexpat This sexpat that refuses to admit his sexual status that day after day become obvious. After he interrupted Evan's beneficial treatment on diarrhea, his symptoms are back again; Back to the toilet bowl, or the living in Cebu forum, which ever come first. And guess what! No more uniform! Gone!

He changed his avatar 2 times. As predicted, he came to the conversation with an extreme and out context statement, as usual, for the purpose of impressing the PNP, the costal guard and whatever brunch of the Philippines government he says he works for, making him looking as the par ai a of the expat community, including the living in Cebu forum. Here is what he had to say:
Please note: His avatar has been edited to include his loved picture of the "Commander" for the heck to make him look real.

Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas

There is un update coming on Guenther, rich in content and history. Coming soon in a blog near you



Other stories you maybe interested on Tim Potter and his sexpat environment


http://Philippines-sexpatswallofshame.com/Tim-potter-USMC-retired.html There is also another place you can read about him. Matt's Wilkie old forum He was posting under the psudo Norseman until he was banned by his now good friend Matt Wilkie The thread is now closed but saved in its original format. there are 45 pages of comments, the link below will bring you to the first page. Enjoy


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Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea? The answer is: where the lowlife lives! From one first world's exiled scumbags "paradise" to another. Now is Cambodia. Not many admirers there though..

Guenther Vomberg Info

 It is known to everyone familiar with the Philippines how expats living there are so unique and distinctive compared to others in the SE Asia, like Cambodia Thailand and Vietnam in recent years. Read More

Drew Shobbrook aka Bender

Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long. - Sexpats Wall of Shame

From the favorite Drew’s forum.
“When in Cebu please call any Cebu prison or police station, ask for details to be able to visit Drew Shobbrook. If he is not in the station you called they will be able to tell you where he is.

 I found Drew!!!

Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long. - Sexpats Wall of Shame

 He’s the one in the orange outfit!!” Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)
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Above is a list of members of the living in Cebu Forums nurturing Paul in his nostalgia of battering and torturing women in Cebu, all are known as "professional forumes" members of several boards about the Philippines and Obama bashers just because he happened to be black. A bunch of racists at their finest.
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At least 20 expats in Cebu alone are looking for you for theft, fraud, defamation. Some brought their case to the courts, other waiting for your return to square off the problem on their "own way". You know what that means in the Philippines, don't you? Read More

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica - Live In The Philippines Blog

We've said it time and again. The Philippines should stop being the destination of Human traffickers, pimps, scammers and plotters, pedophiles and fugitives, sex tourists, the trash of the low life citizens from around the world. It's got to stop! Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica
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Matt Wilkie Philippines Blogs

A life of lies, fraud and harm to others' reputation.
Friend, if you are related to Matt Wilkie former resident of the Philippines, now exiled to Worcester UK, then the government let him understand he's undesirable and has to go. Read More

Matt Wilkie Philippines 
Blog -Guenther Vomberg

From Matt Wilkie: “I had started uploading articles yesterday and already nearly 200 people have read the articles on this new site. What is most interesting is the one you would assume people would read has zero viewers which is the one relating to Evan Iliadis.

rFiend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! - Guenther Vomberg

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Guenther, your brother in arms against your war on Evan Iliadis is in deep s…..t! Since you are now so popular around the world, I thought it would be a good idea to post this on your wall, so others reading the story can help. Read more 

Looking for Paul Petrea
A thread about an American fugitive living in Cebu Philippines named Paul Petrea.
will bring you to a 46 pages of posts seaved about Paul Petrea and many others

The Philippines a BPO slave nation

Matt Wilkie Philippines
Matt Wilkie from John’s Worcester UK speaks of typhoon ordeal (From
Worcester News) Matt Wilkie from St John’s Worcester UK

Matt Wilkie-Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.

Matt Wilkie BPO 24hours scam. Another "criminal" on Matt Wilkie's hit list that has been "brought to justice" Below is a screenshot of a blog Matt Wilkie has published on blogspot.com

Urgent appeal to BPO Community around the world

There isn't any staff on this business! Beware the crook! At the time he writes this he's in Qatar working as a security guard and he writes all that for his wife in the

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services.What was the reason? Well online we market for new business, but simply we have been full since February with client projects.

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services

Evan Iliadis-Tropical Penpals new building. What Building? He hasn't named it, I'll do it for you. Matt Wilkie mentioned on several of his blogs

BPO 24 hour lie getting worst

I hope you reader are not stupid to believe what you see. Matt Wilkie has added this picture to his BPO sites to make it look like a call centre.


It took time, persistence and tenacity to several of us to unmask the criminal activities of a computer savvy and web authoring guy specialized in hard core porn sites.

Perry Gamsby-Paul Petrea-Chris Bennetts

Perry Gamsby and Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts partners on the Philippines guide books are selling the business. You can read more about the offer here. Me, Evan Iliadis, advising you to stay away from this rip-off "deal"

Guenther-Vomberg ally; Christopher Bennetts

he latest statement of Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines stirred controversy and once again revealed the disturbed, heartless controversial megalomaniac social misfit of a German mythomaniac living in Cebu Philippines.

Sexpats at glance

Beautiful Filipina you deserve better than those old farts. you don't have to wear a mask or get drunk first before you go to bed with them. Just because they have a few extra dollars..


Guenther Vomberg works for the Philippines Government? A joke folks! A big one! A lie that not many has the audacity to claim publicly!but Guenther did, because he needs to look important so he can easily scam newbie and naive in the forum where

schizophrenics liars
Germans love affaire with the philippines

Guenther Vomberg We haven't seen you on the net in ages, other than arranging a bit your blogs for SEO purpose and positive image exposure using the narcissistic way you marvelously know how to handle.

Michael John Taylor "Mick The Pom"
A group of Filipinos, Thais, foreigners living in the Philippines and Thailand asking your help in bringing to justice a Briton criminal fugitive living in the Philippines.

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?
Depending on what your skills are. If you don't know anything else in life -professionally and intellectually speaking, and how desperately you need money to survive,

Matt Wilkie lying plotting defaming again

Another "criminal" on Matt Wilkie's hit list

that has been "brought to justice" Below is a screenshot of a blog Matt Wilkie has published on blogspot.com for the purpose of once again to slander the competition he feels responsible for his failure to establish a BPO business working out of his house in Minglanila (Cebu island) in the Philippines.

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism? - Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg blog.Terrorism?

Let's have a big farting laugh at this pizza maker who pretend to be a banana republic intellectual. Guenther Vomber is giving us a lesson of freedom of speech, censored internet, sees stalkers and harassers every where. Here is why.

Matt Wilkie Philippines

Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.

Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.
Matt Wilkie Philippines has posted a new blog on the blogspot ranting on one of his business partners claiming he hasn't received payment for services provided  to Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions.

Tim Potter's Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations - Live In The Philippines Blog

Tim Potter's Philippines-Sugar Land Texas-Copyright Violations.

It's about a sexpat you already heard, one living in Cebu Philippines, who has made it to the headlines of the many sites and forum as being a notorious scammer and pirated (worthless) software trying to sell them to the members on the forums. He didn't make it. No one believes him anymore, the guy is touching a bit of everything but nothing comes out right..

Tim Potters Copyright Violations and Google

Tim Potters Copyright Violations and Google.

Tim Potter from Sugar Land Texas not happy with Google.

Tim Potter from Sugar Land Texas
s asking Google to remove "the stolen pictures" and punish the Cyber stalker Evan Iliadis with de-indexing his sites or shut them down all together.

Matt Wilkie peace riders - Philippines-sexpats wall of shame

Matt Wilkie Cebu Peace

The Living in Cebu forums has posted a thread about an anual event of the Peace Riders, a motorcycle fans group as we know them around the world. They present it as a Charity Dinner & Dance @ Lagtang Grill, 6th July 2013,the starter of the thread being David Whittall that also goes by the screen name of "David_Living in Talisay"He said, this event, like the previous, raises money to help the School Children of Lagtang, 

BPO 24 Hour Services


Reasons for avoiding doing business with Matt Wilkie BPO 24 hour services. Read mre

BPO 24hours Matt Wilkie mad like hell! - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie Philippines

BPO 24hours Matt Wilkie mad like hell -

Matt Wilkie PhilippinesListen to you feking Filipinos. I'm sick and tired of you being such a lazy people!

Sexpats Wall of Shame « The original wall of shame in the Philippines Sexpats Wall of Shame

Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3

One down a few more to go. The arrest of this pedophile, whatever his real name is, has brought  hope within the enforcement administration in Cebu that someone, somewhere cares for the destitute by refuging the bribe.

Christopher bennetts.wanted

Christopher bennetts.wanted.

word came in from trusting sources that he's back to Philippines, he lives somewhere in the Angeles city area (Where else he will be Lol!!) If you see him, please, report him to the police, Filipino citizens, request your government to arrest him, force him to delete these web sites like

Help arrest Chris Bennetts

"Illiades will be happy to know that I have informed the Governor of my intention to resign both as President of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan and as a Rotarian. I will post my resignation letter with explanation letter here soon".HE NEVER DID! HE WAS OUSTED!

Guenther Vomberg - Living in Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg

Human trafficking association.The latest statement of Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines stirred controversy and once again revealed the disturbed, heartless controversial megalomaniac social misfit of a German mythomaniac living in Cebu Philippines. Let's see first what he said

Shame-on-you-liar - Guenther Vomberg

Shame-on-you-liar Guenther Vomberg. Thanks to Evan Iliadis he's now busy not only with his preferred forum where he visits each time feels the urgency of the diarrhea he constantly suffers, but now learns how to write blogs, he learns SEO, Google page ranking

BPO 24 Hour Services | Business Process Outsourcing based in the Philippines


Another one from the megalomaniac- mythomaniac Matt Wilkie. The voices in the night (and day as well)- told him that he should fully develop his world class business skills in the digital cyber, virtual, high-tech cyberstalking,cyber porn world, (I'm sure I forgot many), Matt woke up in the middle of the night and start executing voices' orders. He started building a site with flash whistles and bells phrases and words like:

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines is living again.

Who's gona run the call centr? The piga of course!

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines

Me-Evan Iliadis persist and sign the following:

Christopher Andrew A.K.A Chris Bennetts living on unamed places in the S/E Asia moving between the Philippines and Thailand to avoid prosecusion, is wanted for past crimes and to be served with court papers for

Sexpats Cyber Stars.

My name is Elizabeth Clarke and I have been the victim of a Cyberstalker. I have created this site to help people that become the victim of a cyber stalker or online predator. As a women I understand it from a female perspective especially when there is an aspect of sexual harassment as was the case with my stalker. I am a Professional Trainer based in San Jose, California.


Tim Potter from sugarland TX.

Once a Sexpat has fully ingratiated him self within the Sexpat community, there is absolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world.

Guenther Vomberg-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea - Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg

-Christopher Bennetts-Paul Petrea.Cry Babe cry! You should thank me for my efforts helping you make new friends from the lowest of the low life community, criminals like Christopher Bennetts, and Paul Petrea. My question to you: When you met with Christopher did you ask him about the picture below if is a fake or not? Click here on the image and read the story

Christopher bennetts.wanted

Christopher bennetts.wantedAn unprecedented kind of psychopath a unique case of greediness, make money by any means, including humiliating young girls in need to support their family.

Matt Wilkie

Stop People Using Your WordPress Blog In IFrames Or Any Website! Really? We didn't know that!Who's that guy Matt? Evan Iliadis? I thought it was this asshole Tim Potter that threatened you of a cyber attack of your web site. You remember?


Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas also known as Norseman or USMC retired. No one knows who the guy really is. For sure a sexpat that flock together with his pairs in Cebu Philippines.

Tribute to a loyal contributor. Brad Hughues from Cagayan De Oro Philippines

Brad HughesToday,

I would like to honor one of the associates on this blog, some one who from day one has been a major contributor to this crusade against indecent expatriates, some one courageous enough to share with us his sinister experience with some foreigners living near by his house in Cagayan de Oro Philippines.

Tim Potter bogus software

Tim Potter "aka" Norseman -USMC

Members of the living in Cebu forums -live in the Philippines forum – (for whatever left) and any other discussion board in the Philippines and abroad, you should get rid of the pirated software you purchased from a certain Timothy Potter, an American citizen from Sugar land TX USA a United States Marine Corps "retired" living in the Philippines since the year 2007 "Retired"

Tim Potter "Aka" Norseman-USCM-retired scam

Tim Potter older entry about his scam

Tim Potter “Aka” Norseman as is known on the forums tries his all out to scam you once and for all before his departure for the US and this time big! He offers you remote customers service to repair his stolen program that does nothing. To do this, he wants access to your computer, read his statement below:

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

Perry Gambsby and Christopher "aka" Bennetts partners on the Philippines guide books are selling the business. You can read more about the offer here.

Matt wilkie from tropical penpals

Matt Wilkie You are the one you need to be brought to justice. You are the most disgusting hypocrite the Philippines expat community has ever knew. you will even sell your mother to hell for a a better Google ranking of your web sites, you have reported to the PNP all your friends

Chris Bennetts move to philippines

Christopher Bennets said:
If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to fuck a lot and it is easy to find them for little money.

Matt Wilkie – His Lies And Nothing True


Hummm!!! no interest in naked women? What the hell is that Guenther Vomebrg? This confirm rumors that you are....Excuse me? What? No, I was saying if true come out of the closet and tell the world the truth! How you feel and that's it! You know how liberal and tolerant the Philippines society is on the subject don't you? There is no need to hide it....
As for Tim Potter software,

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals snitching the expats

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals-blog.com.

If it happened your name is for any reason known to Matt Wilkie living near Cebu in the Philippines you owe it to yourself to verify with the PNP (Philippines National Police)



Matt Wilkie

is myself by the way but wanted to express the fact that helping out others often can create conflict not only in the Philippines but abroad and the internet.

Matt Wilkie PNP reporter-snitch





Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals. When there is no other way to survive in the first world expats can always sell their soul to the devil. Does it pay?

Matt Wilkie police informer

Matt Wilkie“snitching”refers to a relatively narrow class of people who give information to the government in exchange for impunity for their own crimes; it is not about whistleblowers, crime victims, civilian witnesses or people who call “911.” Rather, criminal informant deals are special because they involve a decision by the government to forego arrest, prosecution or punishment. In other words

Here will find some of the stories on Paul Petrea form a blog that was censured by Blog.com du to a heavy involvement of readers that wanted Paul's head of what he has done to women in the Philippines and elsewhere. Evan Iliadis and his team went the extra mile to kick this felon out of the country and he succeeded. Click here for more.

live in the philippines forum

As a continuation to the entry above here you can find Matt willkie's now dead forum that he erected hoping to capitalize from Paul's failure by bringing the "traffic" from Paul's forum to his. But Evan "took care" also of this forum and put it out of business as well, but not before making sure he saved the 47 pages on Paul Petrea's topic that you read it by Clicking here.
To navigate thorough the topic you must click only on the link where it says "pages" as shown on the pic above.

Guenther Vomberg-The "Commander

Guenther Vomberg. Welcome the adventurer, coming from nowhere, with less than a clear background and ideals, blaming any body else for his financial and other failures including the German Taxation Administration and his ex wife, ending up in the third world where no one knows anything of his life, managed to be called “Sir”, be thanked by a bunch of sexpats in the LinC forum, the only place he’s allowed to relieve himself of this chronic diarrhea he suffers.

Click here for more

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Guenther Vomberg on a German Pedophile

BPO 24 hour lie getting worst.

Perry Gamsby
streetwise philippines




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Guenther Vomberg the sexpat
Matt Wilkie-Tim Potter AKA USMC 'retired" Guenther Vomebrg
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