Sexpats wall of shame

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Paul Petrea on his forum:
  ”I take what I have done to move here, and to continue to live here from the age of 34, very seriously. I have lost an income here not once, but twice, yet continued to stay. How many others can say the same? I just wait, because something always sorts itself out for me, somewhere along the way”. 

Evan ILIADIS said:
Indeed, something sorted itself out of him! The typical forum stalker waiting for the victims to trust him and rob them their life savings! But I’m wondering if those close to half million pesos investors gave to Paul was hard earned dollars or the kind “of easy coming that was destined to an easy going” Sorry guys for my insolence on adding insult to the injury but you should read my blogs more often…

The income he lost, was a meager disability money had by ripping off the US government, the other one was ripping off  customers on Cebu tours and some other “accessory activities” known to all. A whole damn life living on welfare and scams!

I noticed lately, Paul is looking for way out of his bad reputation, trouble with law, vengeance from victims ( I’m receiving some strange mails lately)  and   by his friends running away from him to save their reputation. I don’t think you’ll see Paul on the streets of Carcar anytime soon, even though he’s not hiding that far from there so a few loyal left can visit him.  Very risky. But he doesn’t need to clear all that up before come back to the forum!

So I can’t say I was surprised to see quite a few post made by him and confirm once again he wears the helm. Not at all! In effect, he has never disappeared! the difference now is no more shy appearances, is foul time appearances! Like nothing happened! Because as we’ll see in a few minutes, he lives his life in total denial of the reality, like the schizophrenic who hear voices ordering to kill a person and when he did it he doesn’t remember, he denies was him, often he blames “the voices” or downplay the fact like:. “I Slapped  her, so what?”  Here is what he posted yesterday:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

But I haven’t seen any red carpet rolling down for the return of the prodigal son, neither a forgiving father greeting him on the gate. He tries to find a little spot on his own forum, to the total indifference of the members that ignoring him. I think no one wants to mess around with him, except Norseman of course that addressed him directly with a reply. No buddy else! But now that I said it, you’ll see some people will come closer “for the pitsure” just for the heck of pissing off Evan! Excuse me? Evan needs more than that to be pissed off….


Below you’ll see a few screenshots taken from another forum. This one: You do not need to subscribe, you can post if you want, no moderation, you need to be connected on any yahoo id though. The forum is inactive but is there to remind us the schizophrenic who refuses treatment is still free on the streets. These shots are just the tip of the iceberg what you’ll find on the net about Paul Petrea. Not hearsays! What he said and did! his own words and his friends’ and critics’. It could also be a good idea to send a copy to the Immigration about Geronimo. What you think? 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

That’s the guy’s milieu people. What you can expect? One more time:

“The livingincebuforums is a setup for the purpose of scamming you. Every single offer of merchandises selling or service offer Paul is behind it. This morning, one of his oldest buddies and companion on legacy scam, motor bikes scam and the like, wants to rent you an apartment he has in Manila that is unfinished, he wants you to give him a year rent in advance to finish the work then you move in. Yeah? Paul’s best buddy folks! Paul is the Godfather of his little daughter! the guy is a  Notorious Crook! I’ll name and shame him later. One at the time. For the time being stay away from the deal.. 

That’s for today. I’m going to sleep. 

April 6th 2012.

 Update on Tim Potter “aka” Norseman in the forums.

Tim Potter “Aka” Norseman as is known on the forums tries his all out to scam you once and for all before his departure for the US and this time big! He offers you remote customers service to repair his stolen program that does nothing. To do this, he wants access to your computer. Click here for the latest  

Manilyn Gemarino to her detractors:

“yup mark my words i will never drop it and also i hate him a lot for beating me and telling me i am lier bitch i hate the words lier cuz i dont like that words and i dont like to lie”.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Manilyn Gemarino Aka Rowe -hero-of-the-year


- You have unjustly been painted as a liar by many, “more many” than you think and your husband wants to tell you.

The comment below was made by a poster on a forum where your husband participates counting the slaps he receives every day, and not only his, but yours too. This ( one of the rare on your defense) was posted by some one while your husband was killing the time surfacing known pages written in other people’s glory. Not a single time he used the required aggressiveness to silence his and your critics, if only to pretend he does it by entertaining the crowd with Paul’s son warrant of arrest.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

But the same guy  so objective and compassionate with your cause and other victims, in all his honesty  hasn’t show the same feeling for your husband. Look what he had to say for him:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams


The forum your husband is a member of, was created as an annex  by some low life members of the LIC forum, which as you know is owned by Paul and his cohorts. The “defectors” they are talking about that constitute the core of Matt Wilkie forum are not “defectors”, they are there to rehabilitate Paul. Recently, they “defected” some one under the screen name of Art, a known supporter of Paul exclusively to take on your husband and you. Here is an example of what he said. Basically, you are lying on your statement

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Your husband, has not flied to your defense at any point , or, differently put, all he was doing was defending his ass, giving vague answers not to the point, “Insisting to prove that Paul is an illegal alien, a criminal, a scammer, is not the same as defending your honor by attacking your attackers. No guts for that! let’s say it in our common level of English, 4th grader that is, ” just a fucking ole fart chicken” His last word  once beaten up literally was this: 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

You know who’s easyrider don’t you? Is the screen name of Phil in the Living in Cebu forums. He’s very concerned about his membership there. Have you ever read what he wrote? I doubt he let you see it.. I doubt even you read these lines today…But readers will read  on the other blog what it was, what he wrote that date, Dec. 27th, the day I sent you the money to cover some of the legal expenses. 

that I just read, under pressure of what was published on the other blog  your husband decided to prepare a 5 pages word document “to explain what happened that night in Moalboal” We all  know the truth, all he will do will try to save his ass again, as to “where he was when Paul beating you” But he will do nothing to restore your credibility questioned by Paul’s soldiers “defected” to Matt’s forum.

What ever he will write, the only truth is the one spontaneously came out of your keyboard, straight from the heart, in a time and place you had no pressure or reason for deceits. You husband, has more than one. Let’s see what he will come up with

I am sorry to tell you that you’ll never have your day in court. Is not, never was, in the interest or intention of your husband. I knew it from day one and voiced it out to him. But I am so proud and happy, thanks to your truthfulness and guts to speak out, you confirmed the kind of psycho this recidivist women batterer Paul Petrea is. In addition, it helped you also to understand with whom you are sleeping with…. 

Best Regards



To my readers: 

The ball game is not over. If Paul Petrea is wounded so badly that we’ll not hear from him for a while, until someone post his death certificate or a picture in PH jail he’s considered well alive and living in a remote area near us. The shake up in his forum LIC goes on, eventually will be dismantled sooner or later. Unless something new, fact, real news coming in, there is no much we can ad on this chapter, except one. I will post a screen shot below regarding the new forum owned but Matt Wilkie, intrigued by the reasons he wants himself out of the place, instead preferring  the masquerade of posting under 3 different IDs on his own forum.

 Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams  

May I have a BIG - FAT f****ng Greek laugh please?

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams
I’ll be back.
Meanwhile enjoy the Americano macho by clicking here: 
For those members of the Living in Cebu forum that are not convinced what Paul Petrea and his cohorts “guilty by association” scam was all about there is a comment from someone worth to be posted right on the entry so those they missed the point they can refresh their minds and open their eyes. 
Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams
May 12th 2012: Un update is posted on “The good Fellas” page as preview to what comes up down the road shortly. Go and say hello to your hero. You will also be directed to the forum Matt has erected to honor Paul. The one that “now you see it now you don’t” you can now always see. 
6th 2012.
Update on Tim Potter “aka” Norseman in the forums.
Tim Potter “Aka” Norseman as is known on the forums tries his all out to scam you once and for all before his departure for the US and this time big! He offers you remote customers service to repair his stolen program that does nothing. To do this, he wants access to your computer. Click here for the latest  
Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams
Paul Petrea has embezzled much more money than you see on the xl sheet

Friends the update on this topic has been slow lately but it was for a reason. There was so much  to report, so much happened the last 4 weeks that I needed to define the priorities.

Today, I will give priority to a hot subject is going on another forum , Mat wilkie’s from blog and owner of the forum where I replied to an invitation to participate to a newly created thread under the name Looking for Paul Petrea in Cebu.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

When I went there and saw some of the moderators’ names 3 of them that 2 still moderating in the INC forum, one a former moderator  but a close buddy to  Paul there was no doubt in my mind as to the purpose of this thread was opened.

I had the choice to stay and be an accomplish to those scumbags, or just lurking (For what?) or provoke them until hell until the exorcism will bring out what they have in their stomach..That’s what I did, the scammers saw I am not one of theirs and they banned me. It was time, because I was spending  too much  of time there neglecting  the better tool  I  have here.

But First, let’s finish what I started there, then We’ll travel on this world of scammers expats in cebu, plus exactly, the moderators, Bob Ward, Mark Hamilton, Norsemman , the member- know all “Americano” and a few others. But first a few words to the investors.:

Dear Paul’s victim, you are not only a Paul’s victim, but a victim of a culture growing fraudulent year after year a few dozens of moderators and members venerating their master for obscure reasons, nothing to understand why, those reasons that you naive ( You shouldn’t be but you are) took the plunge and some of you lost big. Let me give you an example: Look what Mark Hamilton said. (The original statement is here)Do you see his name on the investors’ list? Of course not! He never had the attention to be on! He did it to be good with Paul hopping to revive his 2008 failed “program” on mutual assistance. I will tell you later what it was, but mean while you investor – victim bite the bait “If Mark goes for it, must be good! 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

And this one. Do you see him on the list? (I will direct you on the list shortly).Of course not! he knows Paul is a crook, he knows a whole lot about Paul but went slowly to warn you. 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

How about this one. Do you see him on the list? Of course not!

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

And this one by Bob Ward. He did not post on the thread where the others above did but did posted this two days ago on the

The banning he’s talking about occurred in 2009- or 10. Not sure exactly. But they kissed each other ass and friends again. As you’ll see on the list he invested 10 000 pesos and he said he got his money back. Maybe true.

But folks, who’s the decent man that will put his money to help a criminal like Paul survive and prosper? Instead of alerting the PNP when the life of Vivian was in danger? He choose to reward this animal for his actions… And trust me guys, he (Bob Ward)  knows a lot, a whole lot more about Paul, yet, a loyal  then, a loyal now… A mystery to me…


OK, there is much more to say, more to name and shame on this scam, but we need to move. I will come back with some other stars on Mat’s forum, that curiously, he keeps low profile and I was wondering why…

Investors, supporters, enemies of evil Evan, here is what happened to you. How you lost your money. “Parlons peu et parlons bien”

Two dudes, both felons, met in the Philippines. One was already here, no need to go over his record, had a nice set up already to attract  sexpats, fellons, wanted in the first world, drunkards, any low life title, name it, was there. Celebrities like Chris Bennetts,  Steve Matrix  just to mention a couple, brought their scamming skills to Paul and to the forum in general. It was normal that as new comer for the  Bill Aragoni   to join the LIC forum and meet Paul was  mandatory, fatal attraction oblige. With a record like this one below, it would be really a shame he stays out of the parade even worst, not be Paul’s buddy!


for the second link, please scroll to item #10 to better understand the story.

But from conversations and testimonials I have in file, the couple’s main concern was – (now that they have your money)- how to scam each other, I mean Bill versus Paul.

Investors, After they gave you a run around in the Living in Cebu  forums, the “Illuminattis” there ridiculed you for good, they brought you to the “new forum” owned by Mat wilkie. There, you met some of the same savants as before, but some others came to shed light in the mysteries of scams, the leader of these new characters being “the Americano” (his screen name). that assured you Julie – Bill’s Aragoni GF will resolve your problem, in his opinion, Aragoni was an honest guy and Julie even more honest than him. Ok. Now if you ask me about the “Americano” I’ll tell you that he should spend more time to seek justice for his wife than worry about scammers and investors or if Paul’s son has a warrant of arrest or not… Just my opinion….

But those closer to the scam and victims do not agree with him, neither do I.

Let me document my statement with a screenshot from the LIC forum what Aragoni said once:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Which business was that? A dully registered business? Bill was a foreigner living on a purchased Balikbayan visa like many of those who don’t have an  ACR  (Permanent resident visa) or are husbands of a Filipina that entered the country together. So the business  could only be registered  on the name of Julie.

In his statement, the Americano provided us with everything we needed to put aside any doubt we had as to “was Julie just a business dummy to a foreigner or the handler of the business?” The interview as published, show she was atop on everything. From lending to collection, accounting, banking, name it she was in.

And Paul? What he was doing? He was in charge of ripping off the members of the forum convincing  them  to take his word for gold “that the business is serious” sending mails and messages like this:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

You see who was collecting the money? Some “gossipers” out-there say Paul wasn’t giving all the money collecting from members to Julie, but, frankly, why this would surprise anyone? Crooks’ agreements turn always sour , why should be different in our story?


In the beginning  of this entry I was telling you  about run arounds and how the “illuminattis” masterfully brought the victims and others to “discuss” and “resolve” their problem with the experts on the “new forum”.

Before I continue with the setup of the scam, let’s take a look who “the investors”  were with all numbers and details.

The list is an XSL file, too wide for uploading  on a page entirely and be readable. I will put separate screen shots with everything on the spreadsheet.







 Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

to get a panoramic view of the spreadsheet with all details you don’t see on the screenshot , I uploaded to another server for your convenience.Click below to see it

Questions? send it to


January 24th 2011

An update due to the request of many outraged  Filipinos who have seen the thread on the comments, asked me to make it easier for them to see it without having to go to the LIC forum. Request granted. Here is the screen shot AND the link to the original thread.This is the man charged with the complain posted below. Paul Petrea, the owner of the forum where posts like this is a common game.. A pleasure to dehumanize and humiliate the people of the country he lives. And YES fellow Filipinos despite 4 times recidivist, illegal alien, obtaining Immigration stamps on a fake US passport he’s still  roaming the streets of Cebu undisturbed!..

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

 “They’re all thieving bastards.I heard a Yank make a rather outrageous statement once, although I admit I laughed at the time… He reckons he could fix the corruption problem in the Philippines in one foul swoop by shooting everyone over 10 years old and starting again! I reckoned back that it was a waste of time coz by 10 years old, it was already way too late”.

Click on the image above scroll to message #8 to see the original statement in the forum.


Ok. Back to our subject:

Wood Paul Petrea Sr.”aka” with no Sr.”aka” Woody Petrea with no Paul.

Again:Any one knows where Paul Petrea is?

He left the building from the back door? We wand to hear from you..

First let me put the picture back, so Guenther will have no doubt that, “can be any one!” Is not any one!..Is the girl that Paul could have kill that night. Τhanks for the constructive criticism, but no, thanks…By the way, Paul  was seen roaming in your area, in Balanban, I’ll be surprised he didn’t come to see you..Let us know if you know something…For the heck of helping  the people of the Philippines, even without a uniform…Excuse me? Titles, Organizations? Big names in Cebu? Influential and connected? Oh, please, not to me. Keep that for the sexpats of the LIC forum…

You are talking too much Guenther..And not to the right people….

Ok, enough. Let’s get started 

The pictures below shows the traumas of Manelyn Gerano -Rowe caused by Paul Petrea as explained on the affidavits seen below.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scamsPaul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scamsPaul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Where is Paul?

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Where we all expecting him to be! On hiding!

But now you see him, now you don’t! December 28 2011 was in Florida

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

But at the same time, he was in the PH too! In Cebu!..With his new born baby! isn’t this  amazing? Look at this!

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

I am preparing something for you folks!..I will tell you where Paul is. By the way, my thoughts and sympathy is not with the money losers on Paul’s “get rich”scam, I don’t give a F… dime for you, You searched and got it, but with those victims that  haven’t look for anything, those who have been traumatized by this psycho. Take a look below and you’ll know soon who you low life asses, active members of his forum you are supporting. 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scamsHow far you thing he can go with a passport like this? I will tell you…

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

From the victim:

  • he just want somebody to beat he miss beating somebody cuz in that time he dont have no body
  • we just argue my future husband suddenly he interrupt and pust me three times and squeeze me and he even follow us on the room and he get inside our room pack up my cloths threw it outside and force to get out he pust me in the wall with chocked and drag me from the bathroom and because i dont want to get out i got hurts between the wall in the door and its big block bruse

were about maybe an hour fighting inside my room cuz i dont want to get out he big u know i got a lot pain on my body when he push me three times i got hurts my kidney cuz i got hit on the rock scrape right there my kidney part and i have a lot of pain in my body he dont even got injured from me

  • yup he like to beat woman its just happen he dont have nobody that night so he miss to beat so thats why he beat me cuz its big opportunity to him cuz he misses beating someone eles but paul his not drunk cuz he dont even drink a lot jack daniel

  • just beer and few jack daniel  u know his hard to get drunk even drinking whole day still get drunk i mean still didint get drunk.

yup his already crazy even dont drink nothing

You’ll know who’s that innocent Paul’s victim that this animal has caused so much physical and psychological  pain. Excuse me? 1992? No! It was October 2011!

I’ll be back…


Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams
Paul “aka” Woody Petrea the con artist strikes again.

Last year he bait you to believe some one stole his wallet with the PIN numbers and withdrew money from his accounts leaving him broke. Some of you helped him. There hasn’t been any such thing really happened. It’s his way of life.. Putting his forum to the service of few scammers in exchange of receiving a portion of the loot, in addition, creating his own scams to “borrow” money from a few stupid members! here is what I am talking about.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scamsYou want to read the whole thread in his forum? And see how many stupids of his low life members believed him? Click here.

Then, he declared war on XOOM money transfer for unfair treatment on his transaction refusing his business and canceled his account. Unfairly? Yeah? That’s what he told you? 

Folks, the truth is no bank want criminals in their books.

At any bank in the world, including  the Sahara Dessert, they will open an account for you upon presentation of  genuine ID   documents, verifiable to the least letter, comas, dots, suffixes and even your teeth if are clean. In the US, they will verify ( and better match) your SS # with your name, also, better everything  be in order in your TRW file! Was Paul’s?

As far as we all know -and verified – Paul’s name is WOODY PAUL PETREA SR. and he lives in the PH since the year 2000 with only one exit to Australia as a deportee. Recently, he has started using the name of plain WOODY PETREA  and an address in Georgia USA C/O Rick Petrea   as we’ll see below. Why is that? Then, he start insulting the bank for closing his account, setting up a blog to discredit a billions worth trust… He, a cheap felon…How many followed his advice? Zero! no one! Anyway, let’s take a look first on the correspondence exchanged between Paul and XOOM

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

You got it now folks? After he received this, he sent Xoom an insulting mail complaining why they closed his account! Who’s next to be scammed with altered documents? His only luck is within the members of his forum and stupid sexpats, also members of the forum.

And there he goes again!

This week, a thread came out of the blue in his forum authored by him. He showed a picture of a new born and told his members that is his son, he will bear his name and that “this little boy is the newest light in my life. I will live every day, to make sure he has a better life ahead of him. I have wanted another baby for more than five years, and now he has finally arrived”.Here is the screen shot of the statement:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

If you want to visit the original thread and see – again- how many retards bought the scam click here

But no word for the mother! The arrival of the “new addition” as he calls it is prepared long in advance, is THE event, this event that will change the life of a couple, or a woman’s  if it happened the father be “absent” of the event. Is the talk of the town, so to speak, that talk Paul, has never …talked about!… And suddenly he launches a smelly fart  asphyxiating any one in the mall, except – of course – those  fifty + rushed to be the first to congratulate him. Here is the one of the stupidest ever! 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Bwahahah!!!! Jinky? Yeah!! right!.. Do you have your wallet with you? Keep it handy… You’ll need it..Here is another one.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

and of course- as expected- Daisy Cline.  She has never missed the opportunity to greet any controversial sexpat   in her entourage, be it Gordon Elletson, Michael Turner, the Pimp Spooks, Jil Wrinkle, just to name a few. She, like Paul and others, has a constant need of  affirming her affiliation to any controversy, as long as we talk about her. No worries Daisy,  I’ll be the paparazzi for you. It may not be in the style you like it but I will, like it or not!

For you folks that have some brains left, read the truth and stay a way  from his forum, You may save some money but most important, you are indirectly contributing to the torture of Vivian (the mother) that possibly, she isn’t even aware what is going on  with her baby.

Reader, take note of this: Once again, we’ll repeat it  over  and over as necessary.

Paul doesn’t have a son, he doesn’t care about a son, he never cared about his own son that never paid a single dollar for support to his mother, that almost killed his mother and his son could also be dead on the accident

Paul’s  satanic verge is on truck, will bring Vivian back to live together with him and Jinky – not the first time Paul has done menage a trois- Vivian was living before with another girl at Paul’s.

He, (Paul) was running all over the forums to congratulate himself  for been such a hot  lover. He needs this to counter balance the perception people close to him has, his totally disturbed sex drive and expressing his frustration with violence to his female partners. Contrary to what many may think, this behavior is not alcohol related only but a psychiatric relating craving to harm women. You will have the opportunity to hear this right of the horse’s mouth soon, hopefully in 2-3 weeks.

 You should take a look on this other forum to see what those know him had to say. Here is an example.

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams


Let’s upload the first installment  and come back later

January 3 2012

The living in Cebu Forums has posted this:

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Readers, Smart readers of this blog and the living in Cebu forums lambast this asshole rude criminal  and those that actively contributing to the drama of Vivian. Let me magnify it. VIVIAN Look at the message above. No mention of the mother of the baby again.

Folks, There is nothing to celebrate! Look at the screen shot below. 


2,453 viewers , 78 replies from 43 unique users only, in a forum that has 7000 members Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams(?) Congratulations for staying out of this scam. Stay with us, you will know what Paul’s compassion is all about. 

Let’s publish this, more to come soon


Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams
The beast in action. Story after story the monster gets bigger and bigger

Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea SR, Woody Paul Petrea with no SR, Woody Petrea, born June 26 1966 in the state of Georgia USA.

Fellow readers and supporters, to be honest, this entry goes against my desire to make it public that soon,  feeling is a little incomplete for prime time. But I feel the pressure from many supporters to publish what ever I have in hand while others work in the background finalizing the stories and action to be taken.

When I first publish saved documents regarding Paul  violent behavior I came across critics (His friends of course) that accused me of unearthing an already buried old story. Old? It was only in 2005! Now I am going to bring you back to 1992! Where a carrier psychopath almost killed his then estranged wife Teresa Petrea and their son. He was 25. Please, find below the first sources of the story including Press articles and links.

First a screen shot of the Savannah news paper THE LOCAL  Savannah Morning News • Thursday, January 30,1992The only archived record found on the web is in PDF format that may or may not be legible enough, depending of the quality of your screen and resolution you are using. That’s why I will go the extra mile to put the content of the screen shot in real text so you can read the story easy. Let’s get started. 

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea story arrested for the almost killing of his estranged wife

Tybee Man Drives 10 Miles With Wife Clinging to Car By TOM HOSE

A Tybee Island man drove his car early 10 mites with his wife dinging to the car’s luggage rack after he drove off with the couple’s child, authorities said. Woody Paul Petrea, 25, was arrested Monday near Fort Ogtethorpe in north Georgia.

Authorities said he drove with his estranged wife, Teresa Petrea, hanging on to the top of the trunk of the vehicle. “I don’t know how she managed to hang on,” Catoosa County Sheriff Phil Summers said Wednesday “Motorists said he was swerving, trying to sling her off the back at 90 mph If he had, we would have working a death. Luckily she managed to hang on.” In a telephone interview Wednesday night, Petrea said he never drove faster than the speed limit and that he had stopped the car four times to ask his wife to get off the car He also said the incident covered lass than 10 miles.

”I knew that she  wasn’t going to fall off because I wasn’t speeding;’ he said, explaining that his wife was able to stand on the car’s rear bumper white holding on to the rack. “I did not threaten her and I did not hurt her in any way, shape or form.” The incident began at a motel in a Chattanooga, Tenn., suburb where the couple had agreed to meet At the motel, Petrea took his 15-month-old son, got into his car with him and started off, authorities said.

”She dove onto the back of the car and grabbed onto the luggage rack anticipating that he would stop the car,” Instead, Petrea headed out to Interstate 75, where he got in the southbound lanes and crated into Georgia. Several motorists noticed the woman hanging from the car, and a driver of a pickup puled up alongside  the car. Petrea swerved and struck the pickup truck, authority said. Petrea said Wednesday that the pickup swerved Into his car. Summers said that after the accident, Petrea got off the Interstate and went west on highway toward Port Ogle A Catoosa county deputy passed the

 Continue page 2C

vehicle, and when he noticed the woman hanging from the car, he turned around behind the car and tried to pull it over. Two miles later Petrea pulled over, Summers said. My hands were so cold, but I knew that if I let go I’d die/’ Mrs. Petrea said.

“I Just knew I couldn’t
let him get away with my baby.” “I realise that I was in the wrong, but there are some things I’m not guilty of,” Petrea said.

Petrea said his wife took the child without his permission on Jan. 5 and that be had not seen or beard from ton until last week.

“All I wanted was to have my son for two weeks,” he said. Petrea, the brother of Thunderbolt Mayor James Petrea, was charged with reckless conduct, leaving
the scene of an accident and several traffic violation He was re leased on a $6,000 bond.

I doubt this garbage served a single day in jail for what he did…. When the older brother is the Mayor that hire the sheriff and has lunch with the judge as is usual in small towns, the life of a Filipina that almost lost her life to protect her baby  is worthless. In a state where a black gets months if not years for theft in a super market!…


In an other article of the same news paper dated Feb. 21 1992 (Screenshot below)

IN THE NEWS: “Teresa Petrea, estranged wife of Woody Paul Petrea of Tybee Island, was featured in a re­cent edition of the National Enquirer in a self-written story about her hor­rifying  real-life nightmare in Georgia.

The episode was reported Jan. 30″”in the News-Press, after Mr. Petrea drove off  with the couple’s 15 month­ old baby and Mrs. Petrea jumped onto the car’s luggage rack for a 10 mile, 90-mph ride, trying to retrieve her son. While the News-Press headline reported, Tybee Man Drives 10 Miles With Wife Clinging To Car, the flashy Enquirer proclaimed  “Don’t Take my baby! Frantic Mom’s 90MPH highway horror – clinging for life on the back of a car”

We are looking to secure a copy of the Enquirer. This is a preview of the story, there will be more as soon as more information is coming in. Now, for those who may come over and say “what else is new?” my answer to them is “Plenty” and are coming shortly.

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Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams

Paul Petrea. a heavy drinker living in Cebu Philippines

April 6th 2012.


Update on Tim Potter “aka” Norseman in the forums.

Tim Potter “Aka” Norseman as is known on the forums tries his all out to scam you once and for all before his departure for the US and this time big! He offers you remote customers service to repair his stolen program that does nothing. To do this, he wants access to your computer. Click here for the latest  

Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea SR, Woody Paul Petrea with no SR, Woody Petrea, born June 26 1966 in the state of Georgia USA.

A team of decent expats living in the Philippines has enough with the way some of them are behaving dragging the entire community to shame, putting the locals against them, forcing the law makers to review their policies in issuing visas.

Others, living abroad with their Filipino wives  feel the same, disappointed and sad to see the country they avoidably have ties with be portrayed as a  refuge to fugitives, low life, mentally  disturbed sex tourists that is one of the few countries remaining accepting them with easy indefinite stay. One of them is Paul Petrea owner of the living in in Cebu forum, living in Cebu since year 2000, when he abandoned his Filipina wife and his son in the US where he was living.

He’s violent, choosing women only for slapping and humiliating them creating an image for others  to keep their mouth shot for fear of reprisal and vengeance. He will often make statements for the purpose of intimidation to his potential critiques hoping to silence them before expressing any opinion on him. but is all mirror and smoke.

He has zero guts, a real chicken when it comes to a confrontation man to man, the heavy fat body he cares is nothing but a paper mass, will collapse to the slightest defense  from a healthy person regardless of his age, his strength being destroyed from years of alcohol and drugs abuse. Besides, he scrupulously  avoids a visit to the prosecutor’s office under any reason, even as a witness, knowing what awaits him, because those protecting him and sheltering  in the country  won’t come to his defense; The bribees, who ever they are, will take their distance.   

You, decent and law abiding people living in Cebu or anywhere in the world and know him, don’t be afraid of him, expose this criminal,  petition the Bureau of Immigration in Cebu for an investigation on his immigration status, his money lending business, his means of survival in the country. Inform the BIR on his “professional” activities, talk in your favorites groups and forums you are a member,warn others to stay away from this guy.Never accept any proposal for a get rich deal  he may offer you. Is,for sure, a scam!

In effect, Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scamshe has no professional skills in earning legal money. The first years of his stay here, he was living on a meager SS disability pension, barely covering his drinking  habits but the US government stopped financing Paul’s Jack Daniels  expenses with tax payers money.

Ever since, he’s living on crooked business, including providing girls to the bikini bars, money lending and laundering, to name a couple. Despite the many complains he has on his ass, he successfully managed to stay in Cebu free and undisturbed, protected by pimps and a few corrupted officials.

His friends, are celebrities in the cyber space, Pimpspedophilesperverted pornographers – mentally retarded and many others. As we all noticed, with the latest sentencing of two Swedes in Cagayan De Oro to life in prison, a clear and loud message was sent to the sexpat community that things are about to change. Let’s hope Paul Petrea’s immigration status and a closer look at his red districts business will take place soon. He can run but he can’t hide forever. His turn will come sooner or later.
Paul Petrea at the detention center in Cebu

Paul Petrea Philippines-Cambodia scams"My girlfriend is a virgin, until this very minute. We moved in together about three weeks ago. There is a 26 year age difference between us. I am 44, she is 18".

He likes to portray himself as Don Juan kind of lover where in reality is just a cuckold, a looser, a show-off womanizer.Again folks, is smoke and mirror. The reality is he’s an impotent and easy to see it. No woman can get pleasure having a fat, Jack Daniels smelly body on hers that is slim and sexy.

No man can perform satisfactorily being drunk as Paul is day in day out. Look at the picture on the left. Do you recognize the “fatal lover” on this profile? As for the young poor girl, she’s nothing else than a toy to Paul’s image building for the purpose to maintain his status in the sexpat community, a must to survive in the PH. Eventually, the girl will end  up in a bar even though according to him, was a virgin girl when he met her.

Of course, that perfectly fits to an impotent guy’s taste, a virgin girl doesn’t have experience, hasn’t felt real sex, what ever she gets between her legs is always good. Until Dean or Don show up, and she’s gone!

Folks, come in the open and tell your story, tell us what you know, what you heard, what you witnessed about this scumbag. Anonymous or eponymous, doesn’t matter. How about a little laugh? Look at his facebook page. Christian and member of the GOP? He has never vote in the US, he hasn’t visited the country since left in the 90′s, not even when deported, he chose to be out to Australia instead, (Why is that?)