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Matt Wilkie philippines Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.

Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.
Matt Wilkie Philippines has posted a new blog on the blogspot ranting on one of his business partners claiming he hasn't received payment for services provided  to Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions. As a result, he said his business is out of business, his agents have left and he doubts if he will ever recover. Here is his statement he made.  Copied from his blog.

What happens when you refuse to work with Shawn Peterson ?

"I agreed to do this interview if my name and call centre were not brought up but my testimony is the truth. We had been introduced to Shawn Peterson after our call centre had been struggling for some months. We were happy to have a new contract to work with and he had agreed to pay 50% of the money upfront with the rest to follow.

Our first week was not so good as we didn't get the sales we expected. We had submitted many but many were rejected we were not sure why. Shawn Peterson then confronted us saying he would not pay the other 50% unless we reduced our hourly rate. It was already very low at $5.00 per hour but we were desperate for the work.

We then started working for $3.50 per hour and he slowly forced us into three weeks behind in payments. It wasn't long until he was demanding more agents and we could not afford to quit the contract as he had so many of our agents and also 3 weeks of our centers income.

This is when things started to get worse as he recruited one of our HR managers and also her brother, he stole dialing data from our center and both left our company. In the last few weeks they then with the help of Shawn Peterson stole 20 of our best agents by offering high salaries.

We are now at a stage we may not recover the business as training agents takes weeks and we lost our entire team as well as nearly everything associated with the contract. Shawn Peterson is very bad for the Philippines call center industry. He's a liar and manipulative in every sense do not trust this guy he will destroy your business!

He has taken our workers to work on the Verengo contract again after moving them to a new location. The reason he did all this to us was that we had started to try and find new clients to break the contract with Shawn as we were slowly being destroyed."

I'm extremely disturbed and shocked by Matt Wilkie's allegations, the lies he spreads, becoming once again the shame of the expat community in the Philippines I formally persist and sign the following: 

1-Matt Wilkie had never had an established BPO in the Cebu area. In his many blogs trumpeting he owns a "huge business" "hundreds of telemarketers" and 3 building with "hundreds of computers" was all mirrors and smoke. A scam he was hoping to cash in. 

2-Matt Wilkie does not have a fraction of business skills he spreads online polishing his profile, even less the professional background he claims. He has never produced the slightest evidence backing up his claims. 

3-Matt Wilkie's claims and story about  Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions aren't exactly what happened. I have learned from trusted sources to be disclosed later the following:

  1. To the admission of Matt Wilkie, Shawn Peterson paid the 50% of the contract upfront! ( Apparently Shawn didn't know with whom he was dealing.)
  2.  Shawn Peterson was the first and only customer Matt Wilkie owner of the BPO 24 had. As soon as he received the cash advance of an amount of money he hasn't seen for years, he became wild! He started lying all over the places that he was swimming in dollars, Miracle! Making statements like this:Matt Wilkie said:
  3. "Well online we market for new business, but simply we have been full since February with client projects. We are now getting ready to expand again as we took on a second building and filled it within a week.
  4. Now we are looking at another building to add another 100 agents to our team. But our networking has also seen us expand considerably from our initial 20 agents. We have actually got access to over 3,000 around the globe that we network and partner with".
  5. Shawn Peterson was reading all his blogs and others erected in his honor and started worrying. Whatever was reading on other blogs he believed was true. Almost a hundred youtube worthless movies, podcasts and thousand of pages talking about himself, how great he is, how genius   and creative is the guy, but not a single decent person came up with something positive on him, with the exception of his "anti Evan coalition" composed by a perverted pornographer, another mythomaniac and scammer  like him, a software pirate scamming his fellows on the forums, a schizophrenic e-book writer about the Philippines, a Vietnam era sexpat suffering from severe PDST on meds. Those were his only "friends". They have now all dumped him. 
The real story: Please read first Matt Wilkie's statement below.

Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.

For more on please look at the links on your left and  few others below

Matt Wilkie Philippines
Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga.

Tropical –Philippines Blog
An urgent appeal to the BPO Services Association (Philippines)  

There isn’t any staff in this business! Beware the crook! At the time he wrote this he’s in Qatar working as a security guard and he writes all that for his wife in thePhilippines who make her believe he’s there (In Qatar) for BPO business. He’s a liar! A mythomaniac suffering from borderline disorders. Please, advise your members in the Philippines to stay away, do not make any advance payment, THERE ISN’T ANY BUSINESS GOING ON, NO CLIENTS NO BPO INFRASTRUCTURE WHAT SOEVER.

Click here for more

Matt Wilkie Philippines
Shawn Peterson - I2C solutions saga. scam scam. You better believe the monster of LochNess is still alive and well than be fooled by someone somewhere in a remote area of Cebu Philippineshas a business offering BPO services telemarketing, Teleshopping, telebarfine and many other “services”.

Introducinng Matt Wilkie in Cebu Philippines a British National living in Minglanilla 2 hours south of Cebu City by a third world standards condition of the road. No folks! Don’t imagine offices on the top floor of a high rise building, terminals servers and routers  linked by kilometers of cable underneath the floor. Don’t imagine personnel answering the phone taking your calls.Click here for more 

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Matt Wilkie activities

Matt wilkie activities on the internet is a worthwhile subject about a pioneer expat living in the Philippines, someone who came from Glasgow Scotland to Miglanilla, a village near Cebu Island where he is about to make history again.

Matt Wilkie activities started about 6 years ago when he came to thePhililippines from Glasgow Scotland  in search of  a bride, desperately needed after a bitter separation with his live in partner in UK, feeling also rejected by his own family as he once expressed it on his blog using the words below:

"Its a funny feeling being away there is the fact of distance from my wife and daughter but here in the UK life has moved on. First thing my parents always say when I arrive at their place is “what are you doing here?” which does make me wonder why I bother. As I only stop there to visit them and my in daughter Nicole who lives not far from them." 

( Wife means his ex live in companion and his daughter Nicole he hasn't see in years) 

Indeed, life in the UK has moved on, unlike the lazy life style in the Philippines that is the choice of many expats on a fixed income, meager, insufficient to the cost of living in the first world.Matt Wilkie was fitting the profile, then, what else? Welcome to the Philippines. He was about 32, and already loser. It's unusual for young people to migrate in this country, especially financially broke as Matt Wilkie was and still is. 

Even worst,he described the situation on his forum once hinting us his family avoid him the big way and they showed it. Take a look below what he has posted last year.

Matt Wilkie Philippines activities

We feel so sorry for the way his family is treating him!… But no worries Matt, times are about to change for you! You are getting there buddy! 

One of his close friends living in Cebu Philippines by the name of Christopher Bennetts, in fact, hard to find out where he actually lives because his activities are dispersed throughout the S/E Asia, the nature of this particular business oblige had to say this: 

"I have lived in Cebu for around 3 years and met many of the expats. There are a few good guys here but I have to say the majority are not worth knowing. Philippines seems to be a refuge for people running away from problems or life in general. People that can not make it back home.

A while ago I made the mistake of befriending one such guy who at first seemed to be intelligent and genuine.

I have since found out that this guy moves from one person to another leaving a trail of destruction in terms of relationships, abuse, broken promises and destroyed lives.

Maybe he has no real life of his own so he likes to get into others people’s lives and mess them around just to prove he can. He thinks he is a psychologist and will tell you so. What he loves is to mess around in people’s heads playing mind games.

If you have a girl friend he will try to take her away from you. Not because he actually wants her for himself but simply to prove to himself that he can. Some he will have sex with and others he will just make problems between the couple feeding them any personal information that might have been confided between two mates to cause them to break up. He even fabricates blatant lies. 

I will not talk about how he has messed around in my life and with my friends but here are some examples of how he works."

We have later discovered that this guy, Christopher Bennetts, was exactly the same, The cruelest pimp, a  notorious psychopath  thePhilippines ever knew. 

Anyway, we are not here to talk about Chris Bennetts but Matt wilkie activities. 

To better understand how Matt Wilkie operates in the internet we will now refer you to some sites explaining the success of Matt Wilkie in the IT business. But first, we want to let you know that he now provides low cost training teaching you the skills needed to match his own success! Isn't it wonderful? Such responsible and caring expats is a rare commodity in the Philippines folks! here is what he asked us to publish. We are happy to do so…

Matt Wilkie Philippines activities

 You understand now, don't you? Matt wilkie doesn't do it for the money. He will give the money to the charity or make the late payments for child support he hasn't paid in ages. 

Here come links describing the how to tricks to become successful in the Philippines. They are on the left column of your screen, clicking on the pictures will get you there..  To your success then….

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Cebu Expat-Philippines

The rise and fall of a Philippines expat.

Cebu Expat-Philippines
Matt Wilkie so smart! 

In a new blog written by Matt Wikie from Cebu Philippines he goes again in search of a spot in the expat community, that community that has written him off long ago plunging him in a total isolation and fear. Fear? Let's remind the readers what he said in a mail to Evan Iliadis.

"Myself I am often in disputes the same as you no doubt are the last one was around 3 months ago which I am still recovering from after I was dropped 20ft off a cliff towards Tapul inland from Talisay. Left me with cracked ribs, a head injury, sprained ankle and a lot of bruises as well as 4hrs of climbing up the face and walking through the night to find help. My blog came about to counteract the conmen of the Philippines and which is why I receive a lot of hate mail as well. Which is why I have pushed the blog towards a business direction as this is to prove you can make a "legal" income here and at the same time not be involved in borderline activity such as bikini bars but instead work on the internet etc."

Interesting. Lucky still alive! But mentally truly disturbed. 

Going through his sites and forums one is easy to realize that blogs like that can't generate any income so badly needed by Matt yet erected and maintained for the only purpose of treating his narcissism, megalomania and confused personality. Blogs sites that he is the only reader, a forum that has only 3 active members including himself with less than one post daily but still up and running. 

As to his relationship with the expat and sexpat community are at the lowest level ever, a position having serious consequences when living in the Philippines. Here is an excerpt of his latest entry on his blog. 

 "Many seem to conflict over things that simply don’t matter. Bit like my village idiot internet troll. He failed to make a go of things in the Philippines and blames every expat for his failings. Yet here I am after 6 years not all been plain sailing but the ability to sit, think, adapt and come up with new ideas is how we did it. Same as removing blame and taking on responsibility. E.g. my Jeepy we eventually gave away, struggled to get a good metalworker and when I did the costs involved it would simply not be worth my time repairing and much better than we simply replaced the vehicle completely. It served us well for the trips we had in it. But should I be bitter and annoyed it wasn’t maintained when I was abroad working? answer is no as the responsibility is mine. Adding to that I hadn’t told anyone to run the engine etc. daily or remove the wheels and grease the hubs while stood etc. But then again who would do that for you?"

Cebu Expat-Philippines

A typical "look at me how great I am, how I do things" moron.. You noticed how smart is the guy? Did you follow his advisement? When a car comes to be more expensive to repair you should  replace it? Have you thought about it? Matt did! Congratulations! To be honest, me I didn't know! Thanks to Matt I know it now! 

But if you visit his sites and others erected by him and others will have fun. I guarantee it folks!! Come back once in a while and read the latest on this particular sexpat - Yes..that's exactly what he is, but hard to kick him out of the closet. 

We will eventually prevail  

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Matt Wilkie his life on the net

Matt wilkie his life on the net. Hello and welcome to this new blog about Matt Wilkie on the net. 

Every one familiar with life in the Philippines know about Matt wilkie , the British National living in a remote area near Cebu (2 hours driving on bad road south  from Cebu City) named Magminilla.

Let's leave it to Matt Wilkie to introduce himself as he wrote about in several blogs by publishing an excerpt from one of them

Matt Wilkie his life on the net

"When I originally started coming to the Philippines in 2007 I had already started preparing for the recession before it happened in 2008. I had sold most of my assets and generally when working on a contract basis in the UK took on rentals near the workplace and hired my car.

What I had realised then is still strong in my mind today the fact is Western culture is based on debt and keeping us in it as much as possible. A car takes so long to pay off with the other bills of general living in the UK that your literally sliding back financially instead of ever getting ahead. But this is when visiting my now wife April I realised how much cheaper it was to live in the Philippines in comparison to the UK. 

Even today I have seen prices start to increase due to the world economy situation in the Philippines but its still bearable here but unlikely to be as comfortable in the UK. The difference is you can still get the best of both worlds if contracting due to technology as well as the fact your home can be here in the Philippines while your work remains in the UK or other home country as much of my work can be seasonal it doesn't make sense to be sat in the UK at the end of a contract where everything has become expensive even if not doing anything but living.

If you combine the two lifestyles you can escape the recession in the UK to the Philippines and work 3 - 6 months of the year and get the benefits of both countries which even with the 30% that was clipped off my exchange rate compared to 2007 its still a lot better than taking on a 25 year mortgage in the UK when I actually constructed 2 apartments for around £5,000 in the Philippines cash. The Philippines will at some point move forward but with its current political issues its unlikely to change anytime soon and if you afford to make the change especially if single I would advise it. If your self employed talk to your accountant as you will probably find tax deductible usage in it as well, I know I do!"

Read more: 

Matt Wilkie his life on the net.Indeed Matt was right. The recession hit hard not only England buy all of the Europe and the USA with no exception. So? For once we are better off working in the Philippines? Maybe!…

Let's go through the blogs where many analysts don't share his opinion, many disagree with him questioning his motivations of coming to the Philippines

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals. When there is no other way to survive in the first world expats can always sell their soul to the devil. Does it pay?

December 2 2012

Matt Wilkie his life on the netellow readers, Good expats and bad sexpats throughout the world, decent and evil people, pimps schizophrenics and disillusioned, all welcome to my site. You are now familiar with the sexpats wall of shame, the original, as written by Evan Iliadis and copied by others - including Matt Wilkie- a known copy cat that has no ideas, other than the ones he's stealing from others. to tell you just crap.
Most of the characters on Evan's wall of shame are either ole farts living with chicks third of their age, pimps and human traffickers like Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks, pedophiles and scammers like Paul Petrea and others I will develope down the road on this site. Today I will direct your attention to a different category of expats that found refuge in the Philippines; They are younger in age, coming from rich states, like the UK or Germany, blaming their countries for their failures in all aspects of life, including sentimental, professional and social. One of those is Matt wilkie. 

Like other losers, Matt Wikie has a wealth of stories about past academic and professional titles that many wonder with all these golden titles embossed on pergamum, why as of the writing of this, had to be in the Sultanate of Oman working as a security guard saving money for (?) To go back to the Philippines of course! The little money he make has a value only there..But for the first time since his exile 

Matt Wilkie his life on the netHe doesn't belong to the lucky ones have taken early retirement and spend the days sleeping off hangovers or going to the clinic to get another HIV test, to some who have set up businesses and have opened a bar selling barfines girls or a restaurant selling their native cuisine. 

Matt came to the Philippinesin his 40s in search of what his country had denied him, as part of some of the strangest cross-section of society outside, that of a mental institute or a sex offender chose a refugee camp for losers, or a pilgrimage for those looking to find the answer as to why their respective society just doesn't like them. "I just couldn't find a job I wanted at home," or "England has no culture, it is so boring living there," said another. 

However, reading between the lines you will see that the truth is very different: Nobody wanted to give you a job and you couldn't get a girlfriend.They are society's under-achievers forced to exile somewhere where then can be some one, like in theP hilippines where the color of your skin is more than enough to be called "Sir" by the locals. 

he has also been able to order a motorcycle! The greatest achievement ever, for 5 years in the Philippines! Take a look how he introduces himself on Linkedin: 

Read more

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?

 Matt Wilkie his life on the net
Depending on what your skills are. If you don't know anything else in life -professionally and intellectually speaking, and how desperately you need money to survive, it may help to provide your family with meat once in while instead of the daily salted fish menu.
One thing is for sure, no expat in the Philippines ever has made any money from it, Filipinos that tried their chance realized that at the end of the day the only beneficiary from this business is the company who sells you the feeding products promising you "high return on your investment."
Matt Wilkie his life on the netMatt Wilkie is not an ordinary expat of course, he can even draw vinegar out of the body of a dead fly, so genius is the guy. Besides, he has his own way to discipline the pigs and forced them to gain weight fast, so fast, the meat is covered with 5 inches of fat, so when you make a lechon you get only half of the pig! His secret? "You fecking pigs you don't obey I'll report you to the PNP!"

But no Matter what Matt do, pigs are pigs they are not in a hurry to grow for helping him. 
They told him we are not willing to give you more than 1000 pesos a month profit, equal to 25 US$ dollars a month. Here is what Matt learned talking to the pigs
"Matt said: A lot of people will tell you a piggery is a pointless business to be involved in and depending on your budget they maybe right. You really need to look at the figures to understand why.. If you have 10 pigs + piggery + feeds your looking at an investment of around = £1000Return wise you will get around P1,000 per month upwards depending how much work you put into the business. But ideally its a better business for a "Filipino" because foreigners here seem to base incomes in Western coinage not the fact that it only takes an hour a day". (The pigs didn't know that Matt has to share this income with the family)
As we all know, Matt Wilkie has revealed to Evan Iliadis every single secret he knew about every one in the Philippines , his relationship with the pigs hasn't been an exception. In turn, Evan is about to reveal in exclusivity Matt Wilkie's plans, that so far kept his secrets undercover as usual. I know Evan is taking a big risque here and he may be hit with another DMCA for trade secret infringement, but that's life! Evan is used to that...
Fellows, Matt had a dream: Raising smart pigs, with a dog's and better intelligence for selling them to the sheep raisers! Not for the meat. Look at the video below to see the kind of pig I'm talking about....
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