Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebu

Guenther Vomberg works for the Philippines Government? A joke folks! A big one! A lie that not many has the audacity to claim publicly!but Guenther did, because he needs to look important so he can easily scam newbie and naive in the forum where is considered one of the most important s members, the top poster of the year!

Expats living in the Philippines, you owe it to yourself to know that this story is about your protection from schemers and thieves that will set you up on a forum to lure you in those "get rich overnight" investment scams.

The forum belongs to a certain Paul Petrea, that he has now fled to Cambodia and if is not a danger for you, the successors he trained and run his forum are experts, in subtle - feathered and almost not "see it coming" scams. One of those is Guenther Vomberg that we advise you to stay away.

No one knows where he's really coming from, a strange behavior and an unexplained dedication to Paul Petrea's forum. We have traced Guenther to other forums but he didn't' stay long, probably too orderly for him, providing real help and useful information to expats, but no scams.

Expat, don't believe a single word of what he's telling on the forums, the whole world is making fun of him wearing this uniform that is just a volunteer civil service having nothing to do with the government and the Philippines Armed Forces. Again is a joke!....
Let's get started...


Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebueah, I know. Not nice words on Guenther isn’t? Well, not really. I gave him a good opportunity to clean up his record and join the expat community living in good standing in Cebu, which is not always the one he thinks it is, where the majority of the Expats belong, but apparently he didn’t make it, preferring instead a comeback to his natural habitat,the place where he “received the light” where bad men become worst, where good men after a while will make a pee on the forum pages and say good-by.

                            Welcome back  to the living in Cebu Forums Guenther! 

Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-CebuReaders, Supporters haters opponents,insulters and the like, all welcome to a new edition of our blog with a new hero that has rejoined the zeros, where he actually belongs. Friends, be prepared to meet a new breed of expat, some one extremely clever in self-image building, master in dissimulating his whence came, capable for a “perfect crime” and get away with it. True? Almost.

Because usually, this kind of expats you don’t find them in forums like this, in fact, you don’t find them in the forums at all, exception made some professional, specialized boards where in addition to a double password they will provide you with they will examine your teeth as well before granting admission.

Besides, those illuminatis talk very slow, very little, following the golden rule “Parlons peu mais parlons bien” as opposed  to Guenther’s  diarrhea in posting in the forums. Look at his profile. 6500 and counting in a little more than a year of presence, that is from his introduction in December 2010 until February 2012 when I forced him into exile. He came back to the forum May 17th 2012 and until June 3d he has already 110 posts! He missed so much his flock together the boy…
I was telling you earlier about Guenther is a different expat within the LinC forum and some of the particularities  are that he’s relatively young amongst the old farts like the”smokeys” and the”headshots” just to name a couple, unlike most of  his mates in the forum he doesn’t have income coming from abroad, no particular professional skills, all you read in his curriculum vitae  is that can’t hold a steady job. 

Handyman, Plumber, Painter Pizza and sandwiches maker, then he upgrades himself  to “executive chef” expert in grilled Steak -French fries and salad,  making him totally dependent on income generated from “business” within the Philippines. Even worst, depending on expats to sell his products, a marketing putting any business within close range  to death, Wombat cafe in Cebu been the latest example. And that’s what the problem is. Guenther has to compromise with any expat, as perverted he can be, like a pedophile Paul Petrea his master can be, as long as he (Guenther) can secure a meager income from the relationship, hell the moral and principles. Who cares….

Guenther is a very narcissistic personage, with many inferiority complexes, constantly looking for a spot in a society (Philippines) that genetically and culturally has nothing in common, yet, he said he feels more Filipino than German and ready to acquire Filipino citizenship, a move that very few expats coming from the first world have done.
To explain this I will go as fast as I can, having involvements and interests in life other than sitting on the computer day in night out venerating the Living in Cebu forum wondering what the next  honorary title Master Paul will confer to the

Elite contributor Commander Guenther Vonberg.
Lets start  by formally introducing our hero of the day; I will let this task to him, as he did in his own words to his mates in the forum. Here he comes. A big round of applauds for Guenther please!….

Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebu

You Noticed Guenther? I did not remove the comment you posted on me with your avatar....

Welcome to an adventurer, coming from nowhere, with less than a clear background and ideals, blaming any body else for his financial and other failures including the German Taxation Administration and his ex wife, ending up in the third world where no one knows anything of his life, managed to be called “Sir”, be thanked by a bunch of sexpats in the Living in Cebu forum, the only place he’s allowed to relieve himself of the chronic diarrhea he suffers.

For us here in the blog, he’s not different than the other  sexpat’s wing of the forum, even worst, a believer in Paul Petrea that recently came to his defense in “the other forum” under a troll ID but didn’t work, as  didn’t his last attempt to open a thread  in  his turf to hang Evan, but he was quickly put to order.

No one cares about his quarrel with him and that was also one of the reasons Evan took his time before publishing the first entry on Guenther, to see his attempt failing one after the other that is. Because believe it or not Guenther, you enjoy the sympathy of very few in your place, I’ll go as far and say that I have more friends and sympathizers in the LinC forums than you!  

You call me a stalker ha! I like that… If I wasn’t, how I will clean up my wife’s and my children’s place (By the way do you have any? Wife or children?) from parasites like you that behind a uniform that we don’t see you doing  anything other than publishing pictures in bars and restaurants to feed your ego, a piece of paper  that says “3d degree Rizalist” with a bonus of been called  SIR!, giving it the importance as it was handed to you by the Queen Elisabeth. Of course, addressing your audience in the LinC forum you can sell them smoke and mirrors by the pound, but Evan has  a keyboard with special features on that can cleanup the smoke and bring clean air for every one to breath. It’s now time for asking some questions to Guenther 

In one of several mails and facebook conversations we had exchanged not long ago, consisted  on your exposure of the Philippines Costal Guard to the living in Cebu forums,your personal pages on FB and others,  you said that you have done it with the their full agreement and authorization.

Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebu

Yeah? The Coast guard requested Paul’s forums to be known in the sexpats milieu of Cebu and be greeted by the scammers, drunkards and all low life migrating to Cebu daily? To your opinion, when you made the request, did you inform them about the existence of an extensive photo gallery as the one below that at the time you started the topic were abundance of the same that got deleted after the latest blowup Evan and his friends inflicted to your Master Paul Petrea? Take a look.

Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebu

You know who the guy is don’t you? Do you think they (Coastal Guard) will agree to “promote” their virtues in a place like this? 

Let’s look at something else, very recent this one, posted to greet your comeback and remind you “Hey Guenther, nothing has changed  during  your absence  of several months due “to been busy with the opening of your 3d resto”. We’ll see later what the reason of your absence was…. 

Guenther Vomberg Stranded Shipscook from Balamban-Cebu

Do you know the guy who posted this ? Guenther? I’m sure you do because he’s ranking the same as you. ELITE MEMBER and you the illuminattis of the L in C forum suppose to know each other. Like in any “inner circle” or “chambre de milieu” composed by smart people.. The thread was deleted to the outrage of a member but this member wasn’t you!…And just in case  you are a bit confused, I’ll be nice to put something else about Frosty. 
I’m sure you now know who’s the guy because any one can visit the topic and see that you have replied to the thread….

I know, you love to help people, including sexpats and pedophiles, so you brought your contribution to Frosty’s sexpedition to the Philippines and probably having your own sexperience in the subject you felt obligated to help a fellow ELITE MEMBER  as required by the code of honor established by your Leader.

So Guenther, What’s up? addicted to the forum? bringing an unconditional support to its pedophile owner? How you can reconcile your  appurtenance to Societies and Clubs where supposedly are making good men better with your decadence as a member of a crooked group of people? Let me ask you this:

Do you know any one of the, say, Kiwanis club member that belongs to the Living in Cebu Forums? How about in the Costal Guard? any one? And in the Knights of Rizal? Have you seen, say, Hans Shouff  in your forum? Or in any other forum? Here is how commentator described you on another blog not long ago:

"Hello. i am stopping by often but never post as interesting this blog is personally not related to these characters because i am Filipino. As an exception, the last entry on Guenther Vomberg i consider a good eye opener for your readers living abroad, myself as been an advocate against foreigners entering civic organizations in the Philippines without a strict background examination not limited to a piece of paper issued by a government mentioning absence of criminal record, but a deep and thorough examination on his motivation of joining,

his moral values and inspirations something never done here. The vouching of a sponsor (usually another foreigner) is enough to be admitted, especially in the organizations you have mentioned in your last entry.

Verifying the sources of your information on this gentleman by Googling Guenther Vomberg, did not produce any “bad thing” but not anything in line with his involvements either. Just another expat looking for a spot in our xenophobe society as you have accurately described. Yes “talking too much” in times even “screaming” in quest for recognition, as “someone important” hence the mention that he works in the Provincial Government. He is not.

In effect, he is taking any opportunity on his way to inform his friends, acquaintances, business partners and every one knows him that he is a Knight of Rizal 3d degree member. That makes him important especially within the members of the forum you named. Is just for internal consumption by uneducated, ignorant consumers that can buy anything. The order of the Knights of Rizal, is a joke, presenting itself as the heir of the greatest Filipino.

This is lie. A big lie. The so-called Knights of Rizal are more engaged in holding commemorations, all kind of social events and gatherings or promoting beauty contests, same for the Kiwanis, Rotarians and others that by means of distributing a few kilos of rice to the needy or planting some mangrove trees are proclaimed Messiahs, saviors of the Philippines.

i thing with your hero is not different. A few pictures here with other “Sir” here, or in uniform with other ‘commanders” there, helps him in selling better his pizza and French fries. As to his hoopla about the Coastal Guard, i might comment another time, being close to diarrhea boundaries for today. hehehehe!!!"