I am writing about my experiences living in the Philippines to provide a better understanding of Philippines and the Filipino people for anyone contemplating moving there.

Many Philippine sites create a romantic vision of the Philippines as a tropical paradise full of white beaches and beautiful girls but unless you are holidaying at a beach resort the reality is usually very different.

Much of what I will write about may seem mundane but if you are truly interested in living in the Philippines then it is the mundane things that you deal with on a day to day basis that you will need to know.

I don’t claim to be an expert and can only write about what I have observed from my own filtered perspective but hopefully and can provide some small insights that will help others.

Message to my residents of the wall of shame.

Message to residents.

Lately, while on vacations, a few pseudo-hackers have been able to shutdown your lovely wall of fame. Probably jealous for all the benefits you enjoy being a resident here, something they were dreaming of but their application was denied time and again by this author.

No worries friends!! Biogs are like the Lernaean_Hydra, It had many heads and every time someone would cut off one of them, two more heads would grow out of the stump. Same here. For every page they have been able to kill two more of the same will be erected on compensation of the lost fame. I promise.

Sorry for the disruption, glorious days lies ahead, be patient, everything will be restored to a higher level than before, you’ll gain your fame and glory you always enjoyed in the sexpat community.

Sincerely yours

Evan Iliadis your biographer.

Da Guenther Vomberg scam

Da Guenther Vomberg scam - Guenther Vomberg in the Philippines

Da Guenther Vomberg scam. Thousands have seen the picture below taken from his Facebook in public view, therefore making it available to anyone for using it under the "fair use" policy.

Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook.

Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook

It's over folks! Another one of the coalition went silent, in narcosis due to taking of heavy psychotic medications to calm his flare-ups. It was time, but he managed first to embezzle some money from his BPO partners customers and employees.


Guenther Vomberg Hello and welcome again. As you can see, the quality of the content of this blog is getting better and better! Because doing things “by the book” is a must to succeed. Remember the suggestion of our master illuminate Chris Bennetts right? No? You don’t remember? Let’s put it one more tim. Read more

The truth about Matt Wilkie Philippines

A life of lies, fraud and harm to others' reputation.

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blogs












If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to f**k a lot and it is easy to find them for little money.

Stay away from a place called MB’s Tavern. It is full of a gang called The Outsiders. They ride motorcycles and try very hard to act bad, but they are a bunch of pussys who have to band together to feel safe.

Mostly they are Norwegian and Germans. They are over the hill-old men trying to be like young Marlon Brando, but they only succeed in buying pussy, Which anyone can do in the Philippines. They are comical wearing leather vests with “outsiders” written on the back like someone from an old comic book! Ha!

They are a bunch of loosers and are infecting the girls at MB’s Tavern with drippy dick. Two of my friends got drippy dick picking up girls at that MB’s.

The president of the outsiders club is a German Named Michael who brags that he has had drippy dick so many times that his doctor warned him that he was immune to most of the vaccines that cure it! This man is so stupid he tells this story out loud to virtually every one he meets! Very Stupid Man.

MB’s Tavern is another great place to get pussy. Mikel, the owner has a small hotel located directly on the college campus and he has a 3 ring-binder with willing college students listed inside. Prices depend on the girls, runs about 1500 for an all night bang, and Mikel gets 500 for the room. But don’t eat at the Tavern! I had the shits for 5 days. If you get the runs, there’s a pill you can buy at the pharmacy called Immodium. It works. It’s hard to fuck when you have to run to the toilet between strokes.

Christopher Bennetts.



For more on this and other stories about my life in the Philippines please click here to see my original site

So you want to move to the Philippines!

What is it about the Philippines that attracts you?

Do you have a romantic view of life in a tropical paradise?

Want to Escape the Rat Race for a more relaxed pace of life?

Are you excited by availability of so many beautiful Filipinas?

If you are not moving to the Philippines for work then the above are some of the more common motivations for many wanting to move to the Philippines.


but you need to be fully prepared to avoid disappointment

The reality is often different from what you imagined.

You may have already visited many times on holiday, but you will find that living in the Philippines is very different. No amount of visits will fully prepare you for the experience of actually living in the Philippines.

To better prepare yourself and find out more about the reality of living in the Philippines you need to learn about the experiences of others.

There are many free resources on the net that you can find using a Search Engine and common terms such as “Living in the Philippines”.

Some sites you will find seem to view the Philippines through Rose Colored Glasses and omit all the negatives. On one popular site about living in the Philippines the owner, who has been living in the Philippines for many years, will tell you on his page that the language is easy to learn. Yet this guy has not learn it himself in all that time.

In reality learning Filipino is not that easy and it’s also not really necessary anyway. I am actually learning Cebuano properly as I believe there are advantages.

There are also many online forums and groups where you can find others that share your interest in moving to the Philippines, and can share information with you. Learning from expats that have the experience is your best option.

One such expat has committed his extensive experiences to a number of ebooks marketed under Streetwise Philippines. What makes these ebooks invaluable to anyone considering moving to the Philippines is that he tells it exactly as he sees it – the good, the bad and the ugly.

These ebooks will give you invaluable insights and knowledge about what its like to live in the Philippines that will save you both time and money. In fact I would suggest that you will save the small cost of the ebook purchase multiple times and you will look back on the purchase of these ebooks as one of your best investments.




Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others - Sexpats Wall of Shame

Philippines Dreams includes information specifically on moving to the Philippines and will give you a better idea what its like to live day-to-day in the Philippines and list some of the disadvantages also.

Click on the book to read a very informative preview

Making A Living
in the Philippines



Making A Living In The Philippines will be of interest to many that need to make money in order to live in the Philippines by working, starting a business or investment.

Make Money in the Philippines by working, business or investment

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You can also click on the image below to see my other site. Warning!Some people finds it very disgusting! Go there if you only have a mental problem, you hate women, you like to see them been humiliated. As the capture says: ONE OF THE MOST PERVERTED SITES ON THE NET!

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women - Live In The Philippines Blog

You should stay away from imitations!This is the original honey babes site as I was registered it years ago. I had to make some changes with the Whois database because Evan Iliadis managed to make the record public. But stick with it! The original! The bast! Look at the screens hot record.. It's mine!!

Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association - Guenther Vomberg

Home Page

Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea?

Where is Paul Petrea? The answer is: where the lowlife lives! From one first world's exiled scumbags "paradise" to another. Now is Cambodia. Not many admirers there though..

Chistopher "aka" Chris Bennetts porn sites network in SE Asia

Chistopher "aka" Chris Bennetts porn sites network in SE Asia

Christopher aka Chris Bennetts, to his own admission is the owner of the most perverted sites on the net. No, is not about sexually explicit sites, is about a psychopath that hates women and sex he shows it in big way. I Evan Iliadis wants the world to know that Christopher Bennetts own this picture and videos, his accusation is based on the following: Read More


Guenther Vomberg Info

 It is known to everyone familiar with the Philippines how expats living there are so unique and distinctive compared to others in the SE Asia, like Cambodia Thailand and Vietnam in recent years. Read More

The truth about Matt Wilkie philippines

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blogs

Friend, if you are related to Matt Wilkie former resident of the Philippines, now exiled to Worcester UK, then the government let him understand he's undesirable and has to go. Read more

Drew Shobbrook aka Bender

Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long. - Sexpats Wall of Shame

From the favorite Drew’s forum.
“When in Cebu please call any Cebu prison or police station, ask for details to be able to visit Drew Shobbrook. If he is not in the station you called they will be able to tell you where he is.

 I found Drew!!!

Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long. - Sexpats Wall of Shame

 He’s the one in the orange outfit!!” Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)
Read more

Above is a list of members of the living in Cebu Forums nurturing Paul in his nostalgia of battering and torturing women in Cebu, all are known as "professional forumes" members of several boards about the Philippines and Obama bashers just because he happened to be black. A bunch of racists at their finest.
Read more

At least 20 expats in Cebu alone are looking for you for theft, fraud, defamation. Some brought their case to the courts, other waiting for your return to square off the problem on their "own way". You know what that means in the Philippines, don't you? Read More

Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica - Live In The Philippines Blog

We've said it time and again. The Philippines should stop being the destination of Human traffickers, pimps, scammers and plotters, pedophiles and fugitives, sex tourists, the trash of the low life citizens from around the world. It's got to stop! Tropical Penpals-Matt Wilkie Pseudologia fantastica
Read More

Matt Wilkie Philippines Blogs

A life of lies, fraud and harm to others' reputation.
Friend, if you are related to Matt Wilkie former resident of the Philippines, now exiled to Worcester UK, then the government let him understand he's undesirable and has to go. Read More

Matt Wilkie Philippines 
Blog -Guenther Vomberg

From Matt Wilkie: “I had started uploading articles yesterday and already nearly 200 people have read the articles on this new site. What is most interesting is the one you would assume people would read has zero viewers which is the one relating to Evan Iliadis.

rFiend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent! - Guenther Vomberg

Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!